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Shake a Spear at Ignorance
“shake a lance … at the eyes of ignorance”
– Ben Jonson First Folio, 1623
vultus tela vibrat (ignarus)
– Gabriel Harvey 1578 letter to Edward de Vere

Before we came along, nobody else in Australia was having a fair dinkum go at doing something about the continuing Stratford Shakespeare Industry sham. See for yourself:
Just Google Edward de Vere in Australia

Actually, we are probably the first anywhere in the world to explain, nice and simple, that Edward de Vere is Shake-speare by identifying The Three Dead Giveaways: The Hyphen, The Mask, and The Daughter.

The elite, the prominent leaders in Australian society – tenured academics, the Theatre Fraternity (John Geilgud admitted it) and politicians – that allow this sham to continue should be individually ‘named and shamed‘ with a Fair Dinkum Australian Rating of 1 Star. They were called on it, but said, and did nothing. This one denial will drag down everything else they have done. They will go down in posterity as un-Australian, for ultimately failing our children on such an important issue – the identity of the Civilization’s most famous writer – more books and movies are produced on Shake-speare than any other figure, including godheads. So far they have been able to conveniently put up a straw facade around themselves, but there is a tsunami coming in October ‘2011. Aptly hot on the heels of the Egypt Renaissance, one of the world’s oldest Civilizations.

You can’t keep the Truth down, and the Vere family motto means exactly that:
Vero Nihil Veritas

Even Wikipedia’s elite spoilt Amer Eng Lit Major editors failed to recognize the importance 2 other forgotten key players forming the Triumvirate. They had no Wikipedia page at all, so we had a go, even though we knew they would come down on us.

1) A place for discerning Australians to get together – especially primary, secondary, tertiary students and their parents who are not happy with what is taught in our schools. We aim to expose the Establishment’s so-called ‘scholars‘ and their multi-million dollar Stratford Shakespeare Industry who hold out to our children Guillem Shaksper as the author of the William Shake-speare canon, and highlight the mounting historical evidence that points instead to Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford.

Don’t forget to do our Online Poll:

2) “Theatre in Education – TIE added to the Education Curriculum. Lobby our Government, both State and Federal and make TIE an Election issue. Filmmaking is a natural progression from TIE especially because it is so easy to film Plays with an iPhone, and upload them to Youtube.

3) Theatre Channel
It’s the perfect time to push for Theatre Channels – starting with Youtube, and eventually on Cable TV and Digital Radio.
Imagine the choice! …School Plays: Primary, High School & Uni; Local Theatre; Genres: the Classics, Shakespeare, New Wave, Tragedies, Comedies…
Eventually we could have Theatre Channels for each category.
All funded by Sponsors – they would certainly get a bang for their advertising buck.

Preservation for Posterity – After all the work that goes into a Play why lose it after the run has finished, why limit the audience to the local area, why not capture it for posterity? Think of the great performances which have been lost into the ether …Marlon Brando in Street Car Named Desire
It would be economical to video too, even using iPhones – ‘Single camera drama‘ is already happening.

4) Our own Bricks and Mortar Theatre
A new Theatre to show TIE productions and hold annual School Competitions and a Big Awards Night.
De Vere Society Presents” would have interviews and pre-production Documentaries on new Plays.
All broadcast on our Theatre Channels.

Really, STOP and IMAGINE for a moment …Wuh, any time you like you can switch on your TV, Radio, iPhone, iPad, etc. and catch a Play – Shake-speare, other forgotten revolutionary Plays  in the canon by the epochal Silexedra production house (Fisher’s Folly, Bishopsgate) – Vere and his early band of frontmen (1579-1589 then he settles down with Elizabeth Trentham and only uses the perfect match patsy for his Shake-a-spear epithet): John Lyly (Euphues – the first English novel, dedication to Vere); Anthony Munday (Robin Hood contribution); Robert Greene (“Menaphon: Camilla’s Alarm to Slumbering Euphues in his Melancholly Cell at Silexedra” – and its Preface by Thomas Nashe/aka Francis Bacon “[Vere] will afford you whole Hamlets, I should say handfuls of tragical speeches”, and Shake-scene = Theatre-scene – Vere’s whine at Edward Alleyn, the real “upstart Crow”; Thomas Kyd; Thomas Lodge “Rosalynde: Euphues Golden Legacy, Found After His Death In His Cell At Silexedra” (based on As You Like It);  and Thomas Watson who brought along a young Christopher Marlowe — especially Tamburlaine the Great (‘Timur the Lame’), The Spanish Tragedy (“Hieronymo’s mad againe” – the line chosen by TS Eliot for the end of The Waste Land), modern classics, new playwrights, and of course student productions from Kindergarten to University.

And this give a big boost to local theatres especially the smaller ones, and would encourage partnership with nearby schools and universities.

And in attracting funding the Government should put in place Investor incentives like the old Tax Credits used to ressurect the Australian film industry in the 70s.

We also created the Wikipedia pages for Susan de Vere and Elizabeth Trentham – though de Vere’s daughter and second wife are the key individuals most responsible for making possible the existence of the Shakespeare canon we enjoy today, there were still no separate Wikipedia pages for them after some 9 years. We were the first to recognize that Edward de Vere (Shake-speare), Elizabeth Trentham (Prime Shaker) and Susan de Vere (First Folio Shaker) form a kind of Triumvirate.

It forces each one of us to pick a side – especially the more high profile, prominent members of Australian society – the Prime Minister, Premiers, Education Ministers, Directors of Education, and Theatre Directors:
a) Reality: Oxfordian – Edward de Vere, or
b) Continue to perpetuate the sham: Stratfordian – Willie Shakspere.

And in an age where content is required for 100 cable channles, i-phone downloads, DVDs – doesn’t this issue also shine the spotlight on where the jobs are going to increasingly be – writing, acting, directing, producing, photography, marketing… So if we already have in our Education Curriculum teachers for the ‘extra activities’ to the ‘3Rs‘, like: Art, Music, Dancing, Library, Sport, Debating, Languages, Religion… isn’t it time we make “Theatre & Film Studies” compulsory.

They spend some 1 – 2 hours a week on these activities, a lot of kids don’t do religion these days and are pretty much idle while that’s going on. Imagine if 1 – 2 hours a week was spent on Theatre and Film – by the time they are 18, which activity is going to be most likely to give them more career options? Really, think about it, who’s gonna have the interesting, creative careers, where the money is. Even for ‘Early Stage 1’ (K-2) working with plays makes learning to read and write fun, not to mention with the technology available today, kids can film anything and upload to Youtube with mobile phones, on the spot.

Otherwise how will our children compete in the global village:
“Please Premier O’Farrell we don’t want to grow up a nation of couch potatoes, we want to produce it!”

The Fates draw the willing
and drag the reticent


Peter & Tara Hogan
Australia’s Foremost Authorities on

Edward de Vere – & Impostors
Founders, De Vere Society of Australia

The De Vere Society of Australia – Australia’s most informed authority on Edward de Vere as William Shakespeare (aka Oxfordian Theory and the Shakespeare Authorship Question) – Shake-a-Spear at Ignorance for Edward de Vere in Australia by joining up.

De Vere Society of Australia (DVSA) at WordPress https://deveresocietyaustralia.wordpress.com



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  1. paul streitz Says:

    You might be interested in visiting the website, http://www.oxfordinstitutepress.com and take a look at my book, Oxford: Son of Queen Elizabeth I, which was the first book on Oxford being the son of the Queen.

    paul streitz

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