Fair Dinkum Australian Ratings

Fair Dinkum Australian Ratings is actually a concept developed a while ago, just Google for background.

Briefly here, originally it was born out of the hard cold fact that the average Australian cannot afford a fair dinkum lawyer in this country (aptly connotes Edward de Vere’s (who we know had legal training at the Inns of Court unlike the grain merchant, Guillem Shaxper) Henry VI:
“The first thing we do we kill all the lawyers”).

If someone does you wrong, e.g. job discrimination because of age, there’s nothing you can do about it. The anti-discrimiation laws are toothless. You can’t compete with the bottomless pit of money big corporations and institutions have for expensive law firms. And we all know the Free First Consultation and No Win – No Fee pitch is just false advertising (unless it’s an unloseable compo case) but hey, where are you gonna find a lawyer to sue another lawyer.

Name and Shame” websites are now popping up everywhere. Some have more cred than others.

For instance, we now have the “My School” website which is really a namer and shamer – it’s already having a sigificant impact – if you happen to have a child at school, especially Primary School, you can see the effect: on Kindergarten numbers; and kids suddenly leaving to go the school up the road; changes to who is teaching Years 3 and 5 for NAPLAN. Of course a whole, ‘money-grabbing industry‘ then develops which  makes kids good at taking the NAPLAN test, but not generally smart, leading to even less focus on mentoring them for a meaningful career.

And parents should have this information, indeed they need something even better – a place where they can put up their FDR rating without fear of repercussions, pay-back on their young innocent child.

It’s easy to see from a School’s website, which ones are the most efficient and effective in the key task of mentoring our children so they can have interesting fruitful careers. Just look for the online School Newsletter – are they working with local businesses for sponsorship –  for what seems like endless supplemental funding requirements (an Election Issue – why isn’t the Traditional Free Education – funding from the public purse enough; why do private schools making multi-million dollar profits, still get loads of public monies diverted from public schools – who should be getting FDAR 1 Star for all that?!). In turn the school should be promoting those businesses to families in the Newsletter – they become preferred suppliers – everybody wins.

Let’s face it, if that’s the way things are going to be. Look at kids weekend sports now – they get funding from local Sponsors – that usual includes the team uniforms saving parents a lot of money – so what if they show a logo and plug for the Sponsor. So why not do the same with expensive School uniforms – especially when your kid is growing out of them every 2 years.

But no, we get these old style run schools that don’t develop enough reciprocating relationships with local businesses (and the Principal is not influential enough in the system to get a fair share of the pie), and as a result every Term (not year) i.e. 4 times a year such schools are hitting on already struggling parents for ever increasing “Term Fees”.

And most importantly here, do they have fair dinkum TIE – Theatre in Education, with filmmaking, cool software programs, CGI, etc – the natural progression with the ever improving technology.

Some schools are with it, others just don’t get it – go to the ABC Catalyst segment on “Future Classroom” aired 17 February 2011.
Why aren’t all schools heading in the direction of TIE molding tried and true, thousands of years old Theatre technique – one of the oldest and most durable careers you can have, obsolete proof – with these new technologies. Why isn’t it part of the National Curriculum already? We all know it will never happen in our local school unless we name and shame the right people who should be doing the moving and shaking.

We need FDAR to get TIE going – who are the fair dinkum TIE Facilitators; rating Principals and their effectiveness with potential local Sponsors; rating the foresight of leaders and administrators – Education Ministers and their Ecstasy drug taking stance role model, Directors of Education – bureaucrats with seemingly lifetime tenure on the position, Curriculum reformers and implementers; all the way to Prime Ministers without children.

Clearly there has to be a FDAR National database, preferably a national independent ‘not for profit’ organization, a .org.au

The old 5 star rating system would be the go:
5 Stars for Fair Dinkum Australian down to 1 Star for Un-Australian.

You could rate individuals, professionals, lawyers, CEOs, schools, companies, government agencies, plumbers, candlestickmakers, you name it.

It would be a similar system to E-Bay to ensure more reliability and credibility.

Another example, these nameless CEOs that get away with ripping off our country, even getting multi-million dollar golden handshakes when the company fails  – at least for all time, for their descendants, there names will be mud.

And of course politicians, people you paid for a service not properly provided, a church that extorts your family inheritance, all the way to family members or so-called friends who rip you off.

And these days it so easy, it doesn’t have to be just words – one person’s word against another – you can secretly video them with your mobile, then it’s all there for everyone to see for themselves.


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