Kevin de Vere Rudd Patron?

Yes, Kevin Rudd is a descendant of the House of Vere


Vero, nihil verius
(Nothing truer than truth) 

Fair dinkum, assassinated (was it 23 separate stab wounds from 23 separate daggers, straight out of a Shakespearean Julius Caesar Play – shouldn’t our political leaders be role models for our children???) Kevin Rudd might be an ideal Honorary Patron for the De Vere Society of Australia.

After the treatment he got from Julia Gillard and the Labor Party he single-handedly brought to power (Howard would still be PM), perhaps one day Kev might head up our revolutionary political party with a totally new and relevant platform – the Fair Dinkum Australia Party. We have a lot more in common too: both are Asia-philes, realizing early on that, “Hello! Asia is our neigbourhood, not Europe or America” and the importance of learning Asian languages in the Education Curriculum (especially Mandarin and Japanese, not Spanish like Tara does) along with more programs allowing a stint of living in an Asian country (Pete lived in Japan for most of the 90s); both the same age, born in the mid 50s; both from County Tipperary Ireland, Ballingarry and Thurles; and Hogans also were pioneers of NQLD founding El Arish (by Jack Hogan in honour of the Australian Light Horse & Camelier’s WWI Palestine campaign – its streets are named after famous ALH commanders – Chauvel, Ryrie, Royston and just south of these streets is Hogan Road, off the Bruce Highway – respecting our ancestors was how the whole Australians of Arabia thing started). If anyone happens to run into Kev, can you pass on the Society’s serious invitation. 

He has been a great supporter of our initiatives for kids already: 



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