Funding alt. The first thing we do kill all the lawyers

Funding alt. Name and Shame ’em

That’s what everyone is forced to do now. Basically because of the hard cold fact, the average Australian cannot afford a fair dinkum lawyer in this country (aptly connotes Edward de Vere’s who we know had legal training at the Inns of Court unlike the grain merchant, Guillem Shaxper) Henry VI:

“The first thing we do we kill all the lawyers”).

Like everyone else we’ve had it with Australia’s ‘injustice system’.

Starting with the Free First Consultation, No Win – No Fee, false advertsing sham. They only take the easy cases, the ones they can’t lose. We tried to expose this vice and folly a while back with our old Kings Cross Online website.  That’s the one that got plagiarized by Clover Moore’s City of Sydney Council – couldn’t sue them for plagiarism because we couldn’t afford a fair dinkum lawyer. Same went for the plagiarism of our work by evangelist Col Stringer – the money he made by twisting it round to sell in that fanatical market. Stringer effortlessly gets away with his sham show too, now he has a nice comfortable estate in Rabina on the Gold Coast on our backs, and we’re out on the street.

Obviously law firms can just say they don’t have any record of your phone call, so we sent it by ‘Registered Post‘ – caught them red-handed – named and shamed them on our website, were looking to make it a Federal Election Issue – they ‘influenced‘ Google to delist our website until after the Election.

Makes Australia nothing more than a totalitarian state like Libya or North Korea. Unfair dismissal, anti-discrimination laws like over 40 age discrimination in the job market, etc, are all a joke, along with catholic church extortion of the gullible elderly – ‘tickets to heaven‘. How many Australian descendants are line up at Centrelink, when their ancestral million dollar estates are now in a Trust controlled by the catholic church or are now some white elephant empty church sitting on multi-million dollar real estate.

We’ve even been through the one where you do aged care for your father, living in the what’s left of the ancestral family estate, and the siblings are worried he will never die (name and shame time: that’s David and Joanne Hogan of Port Macquarie; Catherine and Ray Busuttil of the ECM European Christian Mission – don’t know why they are in Australia and can’t stick to extortion in Europe, at Malvern Avenue Croydon – this is where they plotted the final execution, using a mansion which was no doubt another ancestral house extorted from Australian descendants now lined up at Centrelink; and Julie and Simon Breen of Adelaide). All fine upstanding christian evangelist ratbags. But they got away with it. Effortlessly, had the carer-sibling declared mentally unsound by some government department and a doctor to declare causing a brand new heart condition of the family matriarch Gwen, which after the dirty deed disappeared… then immediately upon removal from the ancestral house, Grandad dies of old age, and all his animals – dog, birds, fish murdered as well (even the RSPCA proved to be ‘toothless‘). Grandad had known for quite a while what his own offspring were up to, he had tried to set up a Family Trust to have the ancestral family home secure as a place where any descendant can have refuge. He even went to the NSW Public Trustees, but was bascially met with, “Why in the world would you want to setup a Family Trust?! …only rich people have Trusts…”. They also told him it was no use trying to add a clause to the Will, because his bent offspring, and their spouses, would just challenge it in court. Not to be outdone, he made a video, which now appears on Youtube for posterity – “MJRH & GOH Will Video 2 August 2007” at ancestral house 124 Wolseley Street Bexley:

Well, they still got away with the dirty deed, but one day MJRH’s video will surface to bite them, and their children and grandchildren, on the bum.

What can you do, in Australian society, whoever – whether a large multinational, a City Council,  George Pell’s catholic church, or siblings ganging up, etc, etc – whoever has the most money for a big expensieve law firm wins.

The only way would be for us to band together, and gang up – like a class action against the catholic church – force them to sell those empty white elephant churches and give us back our family’s money. Go to the State Records Office in the Rocks and start checking all those family Wills. That’s what happened to our ancestral Byron Bay and Randwick estates, all we got for it was a bloody window in a now empty church sitting on prime real estate.

Join our Class Action against George Pell’s catholic church:

But things are changing with the Internet – more and more name and shame websites are popping up, some are even government run. What we eventually need to get to, is one great big one – plain and simple:

FDAR – Fair Dinkum Australian Ratings.

Then we won’t need lawyers anymore. Then these ‘named and shamed’ perpetrators will have to pay compensation. Any one of the above claims against these FDAR=*(1star) un-Australian ratbags would pay for our own Theatre in Education operation – a bricks and mortar Theatre, widespread national filming of Local Theatre Plays across the whole country, starting with Primary School productions, and zapping them up onto Youtube, until one day we get Mark Scott’s ABC or Rupert Murdoch’s Foxtel to give us our own dedicated 24/7 TIE Theatre Channel.

Now what would that do for our children’s careers, not to mention the nation’s GDP graph line, into the future. In comparison, what can come from a 24 hours News Channel. How does watching such channels help the viewers careerwise and generate GDP. To the extent that anyone does watch the repetitious rehash (considering the poor rating). Particularly our children – how can you order an 8 year old child to “Watch Channel 24!”

But imagine, “Turn on the Theatre Channel, there’s a Play from your School on tonight” (albeit all funded by you know who).


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