DAP Score – Impostor Exposer Calculator

The Impostor Exposer Calculator 

We have all these famous people. But how can we be sure they deserve the credit. “History is full of dead white males”. Often privileged with lots of family money and connections, one’s father was even ‘god’. The ones that weren’t so privileged were supposed to be natural geniuses – but a closer look shows that there is very little concrete historical evidence to support what they have supposed to have done – myth becomes fact, history re-written. There really is no need to separate a Library into Fiction and Non-Fiction – it’s all Fiction. All this spinmeistering is to suit somes group’s purpose, and usually becomes an established powerful money making industry, including Will Extortion of the gullible elderly – the “Tickets to Heaven” con job – leaving future generations dispossessed and invariably lined up at Centrelink. 

The “D.A.P. Score” is a formula for ranking people – an imposter exposer calculator, if you like. It is designed to weed out famous, influential people who have had a lot of help, to say the least. Each of the 3 variables has a maximum score of 10. So the total maximum score is 1000.

You can calculate the DAP score for anybody, yourself or some famous figure.

D” = Degree of DIFFICULTY – in getting started / growing up, e.g. born into a 3rd world or advanced nation, poor or affluent family, well-grounded/stable or dysfunctional upbringing – alcoholic or caring parents, etc.
So a very difficult start would score near 10, a very easy start, lots of assistance from family, connections, stable advanced economy would score near 0.
Remember that if “D” is low or zero, there’s not much point in continuing further and analyzing the next variables “A” and “P” – because even if they are maximums you still end up with zilch: 0 x 10 x 10 = 0

A” = Degree of ACHIEVEMENT based on “D” (the degree of difficlulty in getting started).

P” = Degree of POTENTIAL, essentially for ‘immortality’.

Thus, in summary, DAP = D x A x P

The maximum is 10 x 10 x 10 = 1000

Let’s now look at some examples:

* William Shakspere
William Shakspere (seems to have been spelt lots of different ways – we only have 6 dubious signatures – no letters or manuscripts, because he was likely illiterate) – held out to be William Shakespeare, the playwright, by the multi-billion dollar Stratford industry. Degree of Difficulty pretty average, didn’t achieve anything above the ordinary, but has a strong potential for immortality. Yep, the Establishment has credited him with the achievements of Edward de Vere. Just shows you if they can get away with re-writing history in this case, what else do they teach our children that has no sound foundation in a little thing called ‘reality’.

William Shakspere’s – most likely pronounced ‘shack’ or ‘shax’ – de Vere used the name William Shake-speare (it was often hyphenated as an extra clue for the coneys)  because of the similarity to the Pallas Athena goddess of Wisdom motif of ‘shaking the spear at ignorance’ and it neatly coincided as part of his coat of arms as Lord Bolbec.

Why do we continue to let these tenured, lifetime jobbed, academics teach our children the Stratfordian Industry nonsense? Henry James put it best in his 26 August 1903 letter to Violet Hunt saying, “I am ‘a sort of’ haunted by the conviction that the divine William is the biggest and most successful fraud ever practiced on a patient world… I find it almost impossible to conceive that Bacon wrote the plays as to conceive that the man from Stratford, as we now the man from Stratford, did.” 

  Guillem Shaxper’s DAP score = 10 x 0 x 10 = 0 (0% of a maximum 1000)

* T.E. Lawrence
 Probably blame Lowell Thomas (the American journalist commissioned by the government to get the wary public interested in sending their sons to the slaughter, he started out in the Western front stalemate, then had the bright idea to check out the Middle East campaign – and the first of several allied agent dress in Arab costume that he saw … well, he could just see the how it could be marketed).
 Somewhat ’Difficult’ start – father runs off with maid, takes her name, which really means Lawrence is ‘Chapman’ – finding out he was actually a bastard seems to have effected him; didn’t ’Achieve’ what Hollywood said he did – that was the Australian Light Horse; but he certainly does have the ‘Potential’ for immortality, if there’s an industry making money out of the ‘Myth as historical Fact‘ market.

Ned’s (that’s what his family called him) DAP score = 5 x 0 x 10 = 0 (0% of a maximum 1000)

* Horus O’Nazareth
One remembers hearing the Spanish pronunication of “J” for the first time, then it hit me like the Droeshout engraving, a dead give away.  A lot of similarities to the way the Shakespeare Myth developed, no wonder they started getting nervous when it started shattering – so they had to fall back on the old faithful “Angra Mainyu ( the original source of the evil one) put the fossils in the layers of sediment to fool the consumer”. They clearly plagiarized a mix of  Egyptian, Sumerian, Zoroastrian (confirmed by the Dead Sea Scrolls unearthing in 1956) and Buddhism mythologies. Despite all the detailed, yet spurious writings, written well after his time (generally, many would argue that, “no Paul – Roman CIA Agent to come up with a way to stop the violent freedom fighters, no Horus the ‘turn the other cheek / it’s cool being poor’ Buddhist motif”), there is very little objective evidence of his existence, let alone deeds. In spite of comandeering Civilization’s year counting system, e.g. 2010 AD, that is supposed to be based on his birth year, no-one knows his year of birth, nor the date – December 25, being a rip-off of the sun god’s birthday, the festival of much older cultures, based on the northern hemisphere winter solstice. Yet the hierarchy and associated billion dollar industry hold out the 25th December to be the original factual historical birthday – “It’s written down there somewhere, by someone who was there, heck we have all the other details, of course they jotted down the date too” – next time you chat to someone high up that gets chauffered around, ask them for a page reference. 
So now the majority of the world’s population is lumped with a calendar system based on a (tax exempt) religion – thereby not constitutionally keeping a ‘Separation of (someone else’s) church and State’.
And there is strong archeological evidence (only discovered within the last 160 years) that much of the spiel has been plagiarized from these much older cultures, especially Egypt and Sumer (Iraq). Like  ‘The Gilgamesh Epic’ – the oldest story written on clay tablets – including the original flood story.
And of course the Egyptian Horus myth. Actually since Alexandria, Egypt is the true home of the Civilization’s Calendar (including the modern version developed by Sosigenes), and the recent epochal rebirth of Egypt, they should be put back in charge of the Calendar.
The new Egypt Democratice government should make it their first submission to the United Nations: for the first time, a true international calendar. A non sectarian one – simply Civilization Time – starting at the true beginning of Civilization at the end of the last ice age that allowed the first villages cum Cities, no longer relegating the great Egypt, Sumer (originally black-headed people probably from East Africa who hoppped across the Arabian Gulf), Indus and China cultures to ancient sounding BC status, – to be used on all international records – 2011 Anno Domini (latin for Year Domination) years since ‘what’ (there’s no historical record of anything happening in 1AD, whoever their Guillem Shaksper figurehead was based on had to be born at least by 4BC) of the current christian religion Western dominated plagiarized calendar to, add the forgotten 10,000 years = 12011CT:

Aren’t we supposed to be teaching our children not to Plagiarize someone else’s stuff?

In any event, moving onto the DAP analysis: The “D” score. It seems that he had perfect parents (something few of us have) and a ‘close’ connection to ‘god’ – a pretty useful connection. And it may even be argued, that his success / achievement was pre-destined – all setup, a forgone conclusion.
So even before getting to the “A” and “P” scores, the “D” score and therefore the overall DAP is looking pretty close to zero. Thus, a rough ‘prima facie’ guess would throw up:

Horus o’N DAP score = 0 x 10 x 10 = 0 (0% of a maximum 1000)

* Bill Gates
Has the strong potential to be the richest man that will ever live.

His “D” score: born into an advanced nation, affluent family line, and again, given the achievement bug by his grandmother.
A closer look at the development of Microsoft shows that it if not for, Paul Allen, Bill Gates would be still trying to graduate from Harvard. It was Allen that first identified the seed of the future Microsoft. And much of the later software, that fueled the exponential development was essentially plagiarized.
So again we have a “D” score approaching 0.

Thus, a rough ‘prima facie’ guess would throw up:

Bill Gate’s DAP score = 0 x 10 x 10 = 0 (0% of a maximum 1000)

* Former President Bill Clinton
His “D” score: He was born into an advanced nation, didn’t know his biological father, mother wasn’t around much. But he was essentially raised by his grandmother, who had the time and inclination to give him lots of attention and instill a learning / achievement bug in his brain. His step father, whose name he would later take, was very influential in Arkansas. And many would say Hillary Rodham Clinton was, and is, a key driving force in his success.
So, inspite of his rise to the presidency, a major achievement, from seemingly humble beginnings, giving a high, even approaching a maximum “A” score, his “D” on close analysis is appears to be paradoxicallly low.
And his “P” score, given the scandals, etc. is probably also very low.

Thus, a rough ‘prima facie’ guess would throw up:

Bill Clinton’s DAP Score = 2 x 10 x 1 = 20 (just 2% of a maximum 1000)

* Former President George II
Well, I think you can calculate that one.

* Albert Einstein
The “D” score: born into an advanced nation, reasonably affluent family, considerable useful influence came from his uncle, excellent academic environment / facilities, and a first wife that may well have played a greater role than we will ever know.
The “A” and “P” scores are pretty obvious.

Thus, a rough ‘prima facie’ guess would throw up:

Albert Einstien’s DAP score = 7 x 10 x 10 = 700 (70% of a maximum 1000)

* James Watson
James Watson along with Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins shot to fame, including the ’1962 Nobel Prize for their structure of DNA – the double helix, but they lifted the work of Rosalind Franklin (b. 25 July ‘1920). 

She was the ultimate loser, dying of cancer at age 38 in ’1958 (talk about bad luck!) never knowing just how much her colleagues ripped her off, because to them she was just a stupid female. The plagiarists basked in their sham glory past their 80s. Refer p563-8 Science – A History, John Gribbin, and the “Rosalind Franklin – The Dark Lady of DNA“, Brenda Maddox)

James Watson’s DAP score = 0 x 0 x 10 = 0 (0% of a maximum 1000)

* * *

To finish on a positive note:

* Charles ‘Hank’ Bukowski
Bukowski had a shitty start, but stumbled on to John Martin, who himself commands a high DAP score. In a sense the two men are inextricably coupled for eternity.

Bukowski’s DAP score = 10 x 10 x 10 = 1000 (100% of a maximum 1000)

* “Billjim
This one is still being played out.

Billjim DAP score = 10 x 10 x ? = [remains to be seen – are plebs becoming empowered enough with the Internet?]

* * *

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I appreciate the concept.  Very eloquently organized

* * *

“The D.A.P. Score” was first developed by Peter Hogan in Shinsaibashi Japan ’1993


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