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Shakespeare Authorship National Survey

More books are written about William Shakespeare than any other historical figure, than even religion figureheads. Shakespeare Stratford on Avon is a billion dollar industry. So-called scholars and intelligentsia are dependent upon perpetuating the status quo. Every library and book store devotes row upon row of books to this author. Things need to be cleared up for our children.

We are mailing our Survey to all prominent Australians and institutions – including the Prime Minister, State Premiers, Education Ministers, University Chancellors and Deans, Theatre Company Directors, Media moguls, and many more. Stay tuned to see what we get back and how seriously they take this important issue.

Indeed, any Australian is strongly encouraged to do the survey, including school children. Print out this page and hand it to your boss or principal. Get it published in your local newspaper.

Simply do our Online Poll, or send it to us by copying and pasting the Text Format into your email; or smail it by printing the 1 page PDF file version: Shakespeare Authorship National Survey De Vere Society of Australia.pdf (142k).

It’s just 7 questions that should only take about 5 minutes of your time. Thank you for your contribution to this important issue, especially with the Election looming.



(Q2 Optional see Text Format); Q3: 





Q1. What is your personal position on the Shakespeare Authorship Question?:

Place an “X” in selected bracket.

[   ] (a) I am an Oxfordian – Edward de Vere

[   ] (b) I am a Stratfordian – William Shakspere of Stratford

[   ] (c) Other, please specify: ______________________

Q2. What is the approximate percentage breakdown of your group/faculty/school (optional)?

Place percentage in bracket.

[     %] (a) Oxfordian

[     %] (b) Stratfordian

[     %] (c) Other

Total in group: ___

Q3. Are you for adding compulsory Theatre Studies to the Education Curriculum, especially in view of the exponential growth in demand for ‘Content’ (therefore scripts, acting, directing, producing, stage design, costumes) with 100 TV channels, iPhones, iPads i.e. where the interesting creative careers are going to be?

Place an “X” in selected bracket.

[   ] (a) Yes

[   ] (b) No

Q4. Are you for School Excursions to Local Theatres?

[   ] (a) Yes

[   ] (b) No

Q5. Are you for a dedicated 24/7 Theatre TV Channel, with programs also available on the Internet and Radio – an extra AM/FM Station even?

[   ] (a) Yes

[   ] (b) No

Q6. Which would be a better use of taxpayer money and generally more beneficial to Australian society, especially our children’s careers?

[   ] (a) ABC’s 24 News Repetition Channel

[   ] (b) “Theatre Channel”

Any comments (optional):



Name &/or preferred pseudonym:

Title (if applic.):

University/School/Organization (if applic.)

Address (optional):

Email (optional):

Shakespeare Authorship National Survey
De Vere Society of Australia
PO Box 1 Potts Point 1335


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