Media / Guest Speaker Enquiries

Before we came along there were no experts in Australia on Edward de Vere, Oxfordian Theory or the Shakespeare Authorship Question.  And of course we are obsessed with doing what we can to get Theatre in Education TIE (and by natural progression Filmmaking) added to the Education Curriculum to keep our children internationally competitive in their careers.

So if you need a keynote / guest speaker, or a talk with questions and answers, media queries, just contact us.
Actually, we’ve simplified the whole thing for you  with our new multi-media book directed at  Kids (and adults pressed for time!):

The Three Dead Giveaways
The Hypen, The Mask & The Daughter
by Tara & Peter Hogan
From our ‘Shake a Spear at Ignorance’ Series

Just Coooo-ee for experts to help you shake a speare at ignorance:

The Fates draw the willing
and drag the reticent

Peter & Tara Hogan

Australia’s Foremost Authorities on
Edward de Vere

De Vere Society of Australia
Contact Us



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