• Tara’s got a new Cheeky phone:

• May ’11 – Got our ISBN for Hyphen Mask Daughter 978-0-9871464-0-3 [200 x 280 22k]

• 4 Oct ’10 – New addition to our team – Tara’s calls him/her (have to DNA test for sex) “Cheeky” – a Green-Cheeked, Yellow-Sided Conjure (Greek for cone shaped tail; Pyhurrah species)

Note: Cheeky now has his own page at

• 17 Aug 10 – Pre-production video coming along, adding more sound effects:
(3m:53s, 23mb, Shake-a-Spear at Ignorance Theatre Channel DVSA 17Aug10b.wmv)

• 14 Aug 10 – Having break from small set model, started work on the Big Set and costume for Athena:



• July ’10 – Began work on stage sets, starting with model, for our Shake-a-Spear at Ignorance Play.

• June ’10 – Began creating De Vere Society of Australia at WordPress, particularly because our work was being butchered at Wikipedia.

• 31 May 10 – We created Wikipedia page for Elizabeth Trentham (2nd wife). We were the first to recognize that Edward de Vere (Shake-speare), Elizabeth (Prime Shaker) and Susan form the epochal Triumvirate.

• 28 May 10 – We created Wikipedia page for Susan de Vere (youngest daughter and First Folio Shaker).

Jungian Synchronicity or…

56.726% of exact year 365.2422 = 207.18729 days = 26/7/56 (4.30am) exact birth date and time of Peter Hogan. Thus using birthdate numbers as percentage of year gives exact birth.
Also exactly 2000 years since Sosigenes of Alexandria developed modern Calendar.
[Note also importance 26 July 1956 in Egypt (originators of the calendar) re take back of Suez from the Britain and France  – street called 26 July]

* * *


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