Roy Redgrave Darlinghurst Australia

Roy Redgrave (26 April 1873 – 25 May 1922) started the famous acting dynasty. He used to live just down the hill from Tara’s Darlinghurst Public School in what was then called Woolcott Street (now a freeway just between Womerah Ave and Bayswater Rd). He died at the then Sisters of Charity Sacred Heart Hospice (Est 1890) for the dying at 170 Darlinghurst Road. Roy was buried at South Head / Vaucluse Cemetery.

No wonder Darlinghurst / Kings Cross / Potts Point is the traditonal heart of  Australia’s Theatre and Film. Baz Luhrman’s Iona historic house is just up the hill from the school – wonder if Leonardo diCaprio will stay there while shooting The Great Gatsby at nearby Fox Studios from Sept – Nov.

Google Maps  (Darlinghurst to South Head)
South Head (aka Waverley/Vaucluse) Cemetery
763 Old South Head Rd Vaucluse NSW 2030
9665 4938
[Edmund Barton, Australia’s first Prime Minister d. 1920 is also buried there.]

Roy acted in many ‘bush dramas’ including The Man From The Outback.
Corin did extensive research on the family for his biography on his father, “Michael always kept his father’s copy of this piece, address to ‘Little X’, an actor’s son”:

Roy Redgrave


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