DVSA – Membership

Before we came along there was nothing happening in Australia about this important issue.
See for yourself, just Google Edward de Vere in Australia
A bit embarrassing really, you would think more of us (especially those in the Education sector) would have strong enough views to want to do something about the folly. Without a significant organized ‘voice’ we look like a nation of philistines with our heads in the sand, happy to accept the mushroom syndrome (keep them in the dark, feed them on you know what!).

So far all the major anti-Stratfordian Societies are based in the UK and the U.S. Why shouldn’t Australians have a local Society too, where we can meet up at least once a year, if not every quarter. And not just a clone, but a Society that make a genuine contribution to the movement and the Education system. Already we were the first to recognize the “Triumvirate” and “Shake-scene = Theatre-scene“. You can help us really shake-a-spear on the world stage by becoming a supporter.Don’t be one of the last in your group to say you are an “Oxfordian”.

Vere family motto:

vero nihil verius
(nothing truer than truth)

Membership Rates:

[  ] Individual member $20 (1 vote)
[  ] Student/Pensioner/Concession $10 (1 vote)
[  ] Family $40 (2 votes)
[  ] School/University/Corporate  $100 (1 vote)
[  ] Life $200

Simply send us your details using a print (or copy/paste) of this page along with a Money Order for the selected membership category. You will then be sent a receipt and membership number.

For every new member you find you get a 50% Finder’s commission. The new member then only sends the Society 50% of the selected membership category rate, quoting your membership number, and gives you your 50% commission upfront on the spot.

To: De Vere Socitey of Australia

Yes I/we are Oxfordians and wish to do what we can to help the Devere Society of Australia make a positive contribution to our country, especially in the effective education of our children and greater career options:


Title (if applic.):

Mailing address for receiving your Society Membership Number and receipt:

Email (optional):

How did you hear about the Society?

[  ] (a) Internet

[  ] (b) Other

[  ] (c) Existing Member No. _______________

Money Order enclosed for $_____  Note: only 50% if already paid Finder’s commission to Existing Member

Some things I/we might be able to do for the Society (optional):




De Vere Society of Australia PO Box 1 Potts Point NSW 1335


Shake-a-Spear at Ignorance for Edward de Vere in Australia
by joining the De Vere Society of Australia


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