The Mask on Shakespeare’s First Folio

More smoke. The second variable of our  H+M+D=S Shakespeare Identity Formula telling us that Edward de Vere is Shake-speare and that we have a frontman on our hands is the First Folio Mask by Martin Droeshout.

Check out the trailer for Act II – The Mask  – starring Leonardo diConure:

< >

As it was to many great cultures before, including the Greeks, the mask was quite symbolic to Elizabethans, especially when private Plays were put on. Susan de Vere appeared in more of Ben Jonson’s “Masques” than any other woman.

Stratos try to play it down, implying that the First Folio producer / Susan de Vere supposedly used an inept craftsman, but just take a look at Droeshout’s other works:

Here’s one from another engraver of George Chapman:

George Chapman, by William Hole (Holle), after  Unknown artist, published 1616 - NPG  - © National Portrait Gallery, London

And what about the design for the Collected Works of Ben Jonson published in 1616:


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