TIE – Election Issue

(Extended questions on our National Survey page, here)

Shake-a-Spear at Ignorance!

“Please Prime Minister,
we don’t want to grow up Users,
we want to grow up PRODUCERS!”

For a Relevant Education Curriculum
Theatre  in Education


And our local member, Malcolm Turnbull, doesn’t even acknowledge our letter, just sends back his stupid vanity flyer – thought they were obligated to follow through and even raise on the floor of the People’s House, important issues raised by constituents. Guess Theatre in Education doesn’t cut it with lawyers. No wonder Edward de Vere pondered, “First thing we do, we kill all the lawyers”. May be we need to continue the trend to Independents in Wentworth too, if we ever want to see a T.I.E. even mentioned in our Parliament. Well, we’ll be back to the polls soon enough, and Mr Turnbull has become quite cocky.

De Vere Society of Australia
PO Box 1
Potts Point NSW 1335



Our Youtube “Theatre Channel“


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