Tickets to Heaven Class Action Dispossessed Australians v Catholic Church



Tickets to Heaven

A Class Action

Dispossessed Australian Descendants


George Pell’s Catholic Church Corp.

Supported by our YouTube Documentary of the same name “Tickets to Heaven” – Dispossessed Australian Descendants Class Action vs George Pell’s (or whatever bishop is in power until comfortable retirement with our money) Catholic Church – force them to sell those empty white elephant churches and give us, Dispossessed Australians Descendants – give us back our ancestral family’s money obtained through extortion – the old “Tickets to Heaven” con, taking advantage of gullible elderly Australians.

Join the Tickets to Heaven Class Action, go to the State Records Office in the Rocks and start checking all those family Wills. That’s what happened to our ancestral Byron Bay and Randwick estates that features in our Documentary. All we got for it was a bloody window in a now empty church sitting on prime real estate.

It may be too late for us, but isn’t it time we named and shamed these FDAR=*(1Star) un-Australians, so that the con doesn’t keep happening.

These people pretend to help the poor, in fact they make Australian families poor.

We could sure put the money to better use then these bloodsuckers, something really altruistic like funding TIE for Australian kids to give them a decent career.




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