DVS-UK Correspondence

Email: jeremycrick@virginmedia.com
URL: http://www.jeremycrick.info

As editor of the British De Vere Society website (http://www.deveresociety.co.uk), I’ve been keeping a close eye on the developments of this film.

Jeremy Crick

Would you please contact me regarding your Elizabeth Trentham page on Wikipedia. I couldn’t locate an email address for you.

From: JEREMY Crick jeremycrick@virginmedia.com
To: Peter Hogan deveresocietyaustralia@gmail.com
Date: Thu, Feb 3, 2011 at 9:35 PM
Subject: Your Elizabeth Trentham page on Wikipedia

Peter and Tara,

Thanks for your reply – it’s good to hear from you.

The reason I asked you to contact me regarding Elizabeth Trentham was because I’ve spent the last eight years researching the Trentham family and have published all this research in the Ve Vere Society Newsletter and also on my website. I live not far from Rocester and I’m the first and only Oxfordian to have attempted to shed some light on the history of the Trentham family in relation to expanding our understanding of Edward de Vere.

What I want to suggest is that you are free to use all the information I’ve published on Elizabeth Trentham to expand your Wikipedia page. I’ve no time myself to become a Wikepedia editor. You’ll find that all the important information is backed up by full reference notes. In your own notes I would be grateful if you were to quote not only the original document source but also a link to the relevant page on my website.

Here’s the link to the Trentham family section:

I’ve also attached to this message the first two parts as published by the DVS in pdf format.

Finally, I’ve just suggested to our Newsletter editor that it would be a good idea to approach you to write an article for us about your activities in Australia for our next newsletter.

I’ll be in touch again soon.

your eVer


One Response to “DVS-UK Correspondence”

  1. Richard Malim Says:

    What is your membership? We have a few members in Australia and are prepared to write to them so they can join your Society.
    Would you like to take our magazine ? (On terms – we are not exactly flush!)

    Have you read our Declaration about the film on the website

    All the very best with your endeavours

    Richard Malim Secretary DVS UK

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