Theatre Channel DVSA

Until we get bigger for now we have our Theatre Channel at Youtube:

The aim is to have all kinds of Plays – School Production, Local Theatre, little documentaries – especially from a Kid’s POV – interviews with actor during rehearsals, the Big Night, snippets here and there…

Check out our first test video:
How do you know Edward de Vere is Shakespeare?”

And some more of the early version of our set model:

Latest video of our Theatre model:
(3m:53s, 23mb, Shake-a-Spear at Ignorance Theatre Channel DVSA 17Aug10b.wmv)

= = =

Why not have a dedicated 24/7 Theatre Foxtel Cable TV Channel, and a simulcast of it on Radio – an extra AM/FM Station even (the BBC has been broadcasting Plays for years, what happened to Australia?!). All of which will be accessed on the De Vere Society of Australia in conjunction with Youtube (public broadcasters like PBS in the States do that now) either as live stream or take yout pick from our archive.

Look at all our taxpayer money going on the ABC’s new Channel 24 News – another news channel, we already have 24/7 ABC,  News Radio, Cable TV  Sky News, and it’s all repetitious – every 20 minutes the same news. Which would be more beneficial a Theatre Channel or another News Channel, especially for our children’s careers? Which would you rather watch?

De Vere Society Presents” would have interviews and pre-production docos on new plays, and then once they have had their run, they go straight on to our Theatre Channel & Radio.
After all the work that does into a play why lose it after the run had finished, why limit the audience to the local area, why not capture it for eternity??
It would be economical to record and re-produce – ‘Single camera drama’ is already a hit.

Imagine any time you like you can switch on your TV, Radio, Mobile, iPad, etc. and catch a Play – Shake-speare, other forgotten revolutionary Plays like Tamburlaine, and the Spanish Tragedy, modern classics, new playwrights, and of course student productions from Kindergarten to University.

And this give a big boost to local theatres especially the smaller ones, and would encourage partnership with nearby schools and universities.

And in attracting funding the Government should put in place Investor incentives like the old Tax Credits used to ressurect the Australian film industry in the 70s.

Once we start shaking a spear at ignorance the possibilities are limitless!

(Extended questions on our National Survey page, here)


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