June 7, 2010

Until we came along nobody was having a fair dinkum go about this issue in Australia. See for yourself:
Just Google Edward de Vere in Australia

Having trouble making sense of hit all, well, we have simplified it for you with our multi-media eBook:

The Hyphen, The Mask & The Daughter
The Three Dead Giveaways
Edward de Vere is Shakespeare
Peter & Tara Hogan
ISBN: 9780987146403
From our ‘Shake a Spear at Ignorance’ Series
All to spotlight Theatre in Education (TIE)


Setting up an international Theatre in Education (TIE) Foundation with its own theatreineducation.org website and Theatre Channel will be key components of our altruistic objectives.

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Well, to quote our mentor, Joseph Campbell
The Fates draw the willing
drag the reticent
Peter & Tara Hogan
Australia’s Foremost Authorities on
Edward de Vere & Impostors