DVSA-AOA Bob’s your uncle

There is in fact a significant historical connection between AOA – DVSA, specifically the deeds of the Australian Light Horse and Edward de Vere, aka William Shake-speare. You see the uncle of Arthur Balfour – as in the Balfour Declaration of 1917, produced in direct response to the success of these Australians of Arabia, (see
was Prime Minister Robert Cecil who was the direct descendant of none other than the man who started the Cecil power dynasty, William Cecil, Baron of Burghley, Queen Elizabeth’s righthand man, mentor and father-in-law to Edward de Vere, and of course, grandfather of Susan de Vere.

Balfour’s career got a kickstart with a spot of timely nepotism when Uncle Bob made him top dog over Ireland. Some think this is where the quip “Bob’s your uncle” originates. Certainly is apt.

1917 was indeed a notable year in WWI for manoeuvrings in the Establishment. You see it was a bit weird really, England declares war on Germany. So of course the press ramp up the propaganda, the Germans become something less than human, animals, famous cartoons of the Hun, etc. But a big chunk of England is German. The land of the Angles, originally a German tribe. English is a German language. The Royal Family, no less, are German, the family name was Saxe Coburg Gotha. So the Royal Family in 1917 quietly changed their name to Windsor, and now it’s sold like it always was. (Though one of them apparently quipped “I now plan to see Shakespeare’s play, The Merry Wives of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha!”). So the Great War was not about one country versus another, but a Clan War – the rich families of one geographical position against another, and the shitfight over the colonization and exploitation of territory rich in gold, oil, and slaves – namely, Africa and the Middle East. Just happened to waste some 10 million plebs in the process.


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